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Helsinki Dog District  -A second home for your dog

We offer professional and personalized service to your best friend.

At Helsinki Dog District the dogs play together in spacious areas under our supervision. We offer them
activities and stimuli in larger or smaller groups. The dogs also have the possibility for resting in an own
space. Possible meals are also served safely in private. This is our way to guarantee every dogs' joy and fun
times together, as well as the opportunity for an own space and peace.

Mitä miten kuka

How did everything start?

Everything started from our love for dogs. We wanted to do something differently, something new, only
offering the best for your best friend. There are situations where your dog does not fit in. We spend time at work, doing hobbies, attending parties and travel. Active dogs also sometimes need more attention than we can offer them in our everyday life. All dogs also need to be socialised and have some play time with friends.

These ideas gave birth to Helsinki Dog District. Your dog’s second home.


"Our values are openness, professionalism and individual, high quality service.”

Tassumafia on ostanut Dog Districtin liiketoiminnan

“On erittäin mukava päästä jatkamaan Helsinki Dog Districtin taivalta. Rasmus ja Sebastian on hoitanut yritystä hyvin ja koirat selvästi nauttivat täällä olostaan. Tulemme jatkamaan ja kunnioittamaan Dog Districtin toimintatapoja ja arvoja. Tulemme kuitenkin kasvattamaan Dog
Districtin palvelutarjontaa mm. pentutreffit ja koulutusten muodossa, nopeallakin aikataululla. Koirahotelli avautuu täydessä laajuudessaan heti kun pandemia antaa myöten. Sama koskee avajaisia, joita vietämme kun tilanne sen sallii. Uudesta logostammekin näkee, että yrityksemme
sulautuvat hyvin yhteen.“


- Henrikki Jussila, Tassumafian perustaja

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