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Dog Daycare

Our daycare takes care of your dog during weekdays from 7.30am to 6pm.

The day includes:

  • Playing with buddies and fun activities

  • Outdoor walks

  • Possibility to own space for resting

  • Optional meals, possible medications, and other special needs


Our dog daycare


Our dog daycare

Our doggy daycare is a cozy and a safe environment for our guests. Your dog will spend a fun day under our supervision. During the day, your dog will socialize and play with other dogs, take naps, and go on outdoor walks. In addition to the exercise they get during the day, the dogs will also practice on their social skills.

These provide a foundation for a happy and a balanced life. Our facilities are spacious with a lot of natural light. They are also well equipped for providing the best for your dog. In everything we do we aim to maximize the well-being of our guest dogs without compromising their safety.

Thanks to our unique membership model we can provide individual service and the dogs will spend their days together with familiar dogs and friends. 

Part time 1

250 € / month

  • 20% discount on services and store products

  • 2 days a week

450 € / month 

  • 20% discount on services and store products

  • 5 days a week

Full time

350 € / month 

  • 20% discount on services and store products

  • 3 days a week

Part time 2

Prepaid card

  • 10 times

  • Valid for  5  months

350 €

  • 10% discount on services and store products

  • Other dogs from the same  family - 30 %


Welcome appointment

How can I start?

  • Book a time for a welcome appointment below. During the tour you and your dog get to see our facilities and get acquainted with us, while we get a better understanding of what your dog needs during the stay.

  • We also check your dog’s vaccination card.

  • This free first visit does not oblige you to buy the service.


We do not have any restrictions; all dogs are welcome if they are free from any contagious diseases with up
to date vaccinations and not aggressive towards people or other dogs. If your dog is not yet housebroken,
please let us know.

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