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Dog walks

We also offer dog walks to help you during office hours. You can either choose a shorter 30 min walk or a
longer 60 min walk for your more active dog. When you book a dog walk, someone from our staff will come
to your home at an agreed time and walk your dog.

  • Our dog walk service is open every weekday from 9am to 4pm

  • You can choose between 30- or 60-minute walks

  • We use our own Non-stop Strong leashes

  • We will call you 10min before the walk and the route can be carried out according to your wishes

The service is possible in the following areas:
Merihaka, Katajanokka, Kruununhaka, Hakaniemi, Kallio, Sörnäinen, Vallila, Harju, Hermanni, Arabia,
Kalasatama & Kulosaari.


In addition to using our own leashes, we also take care of safety by minimizing human contact, when we
come after and bring your dog home. We can chat retroactively, when the situation is normalized..

Dog Walk

18 €

30 min

Dog Walk

28 €

60 min

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